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SALTO Access Control

SALTO Access Control

AC Leigh allows you to control who goes where and when, but won’t break your budget. Already being used by the educational community and many commercial companies nationwide since 2002, SALTO is the locking system of the future.

SALTO Access Control has now become the number one choice for access control in Education, Commercial and Government buildings. The SALTO Access Control system is able to provide all of the features and benefits of a full cabled system over their patented wire free SVN network.

SALTO Features & Benefits

SALTO Features & Benefits

SALTO invented the SVN SALTO virtual network in early 2002 and built a new complete system to utilise this feature. Before this time the idea of using batteries for access control was not something that other manufacturers had thought would be successful.

SALTO designed a highly efficient product that other manufacturers are still trying to catch up with.

SALTO Audit Trail

Audit Trail

All offline battery units records user’s activity and because of the Virtual network this can be monitored and reports created from the software.

SALTO Integration


SALTO will integrate with many other systems particularly in Education and the hospitality industry.



Locks can be set into zones so user access can be given to a group of people who only use those doors.

SALTO Scalable


A new SALTO system can start with one door handle that does not require software and can be added to over a period of time until software is required to manage the system.

SALTO Free Exit

Free Exit

SALTO handles allow exit from inside at all times and complies with fire regulations, this is a mechanical function and operates at all times.

SALTO Timed Access


All individual user access rights can be set for specific times of the day on different days, this ensures that if anyone does lose their key it will not open any locks outside of a specified time period.

SALTO Toggle


SALTO units can be set to accept an lock/unlock operation from specific users, once unlocked the unit will stay unlocked until an authorised fob is presented, this feature can be timed to ensure all doors lock at pre-set times. This feature is particularly useful for classrooms and education in general.

SALTO Automatic Locking

Automatic Locking

Each handle set and wired unit has a clock and calendar and can be set to automatically lock or unlock at pre-set times, remote buildings can be set to lock at pre-set times without the need to actually visit the premises. Particularly useful for educational buildings who need to control access or want to allow free entry at certain times of the day.

SALTO Hotspots

Hotspots Updates

A hotspot is a networked reader which is normally fitted to an entrance door through which most users would enter, each user downloads and uploads data from the network each time they enter, this ensures that users are automatically updated and information is transferred to the network.

SALTO Wireless

SALTO Wireless

Imagine being able to control all the doors in a building from one central location with just the click of a mouse. Imagine being able to monitor your access network, delete key cards and download audit trail information all in real-time. Imagine being able to do all of this without wires. Salto was the first company to develop electronic access control without the need for expensive hard wiring with our Salto Virtual Network data on card technology. SALTO wireless system is an on-line real-time battery powered access control system that uses radio frequency technology to communicate in real-time with the central computer.

SALTO Wireless

Integrated Access Solutions

A SALTO access control system can integrate with many different software packages from cashless catering, photocopiers, tills to CAPITA SIMS and many different locking solutions.

Access control is what SALTO does, nothing else so they aim to provide a locking solution for complete buildings with handles, cylinders, padlocks, readers, locker locks, glass door locks and energy savers.

All these products and software can be used to control doors, lockers, lifts, turnstiles, gates, barriers and building management systems. SALTO is the complete solution.


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MechLite is now an AC Leigh Company. Same excellent service, Trade Catalogue and Click and Collect at AC Leigh Branches in Ipswich, Colchester and Norwich. All Orders will continue to be delivered as normal.