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SALTO Software ProAccess SPACE

SALTO Software ProAccess SPACE

The all new web based SPACE software is very powerful and allows users to upgrade at any time by activating options within the software. ProAccess SPACE features are fully selectable by the end user, start with the basic and then activate more advanced features as required. Multiply terminals can be used and any updates are sent to each machine immediately.

ProAccess SPACE has 4 different packages, in addition to a list of add-on functions that can be ordered separately for you to upgrade as you require. The SALTO software policy remains the same – buy it once and it’s yours.

SALTO Software

SALTO Software

SALTO Pro Access Software has been specially created to provide a strong access control management too. Its features let you gain maximum benefits from the access control of your premises.

Pro Access is able to control great numbers of doors and as the majority of information related to access is stored directory onto key cards and fobs, controlling the doors is merely a case of managing the cards and fobs. Simply by updating the information on the card, you can swiftly alter most authorisations related to access of the users such as adding and removing doors.

SALTO Pro Access Software is able to all of this and even more all thanks to the advanced software features it incorporates. Additionally, Pro Access is one of the strongest and most user-friendly software products available for access control management.

SALTO Software Pro Access

SALTO Software Pro Access

SALTO Pro Access Software has been created in order to grant a strong tool for access control management. The main feature of the SALTO Pro Access Software allows you to input access time zones for each user, register various company calendars, gain audit-trails from the door in order to see who has gone through it. It also has special features such as automatic alterations of the door status, anti pass back and relay management.


Software HAMS

SALTO's Hotel Access Management Software (HAMS) has been created to offer an incredibly convenient tool for to control access to a hotel and management of guests.


MechLite, an AC Leigh Company

MechLite is now an AC Leigh Company. Same excellent service, Trade Catalogue and Click and Collect at AC Leigh Branches in Ipswich, Colchester and Norwich. All Orders will continue to be delivered as normal.