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Access Control

We have everything you will need when restricting access to certain areas of a building or premises. Our Access control range which includes control kits, keypads, proximity readers, cards and fobs.

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Access Control Kit (4)
Call Point (2)
Card Reader (7)
Cards (10)
Control Unit (2)
Door Loop (3)
Electric Lock (2)
Electronic Cylinder (6)
Electronic Keypad (8)
Exit Button (12)
Fobs (8)
Gate Magnet (4)
Handle Set (3)
Intercom (2)
Key Encoder (1)
Keypad With Card Reader (2)
Lock Programmer (2)
Magnet Lock (2)
Radio Transmitter (3)
Relay (6)
Solenoid Lock (2)
Strike Release (11)
Surface Magnet (11)
Wristband (14)
12v Power Supply (10)
24v Power Supply (3)
ACT (2)
Bewator (4)
Comelit (2)
Deedlock (46)
Elmdene (7)
Forte (15)
Larco (4)
Magnetic Solutions (2)
MechLite (1)
SALTO (58)
Securefast (4)
Black (11)
Blue (4)
Green (8)
Grey (12)
Pink (3)
Printed Design (3)
Red (1)
Satin Chrome (1)
Satin Stainless Steel (41)
Silver (12)
Stainless Steel (1)
White (26)
Yellow (3)
Fail Safe / Fail Secure
Fail Safe (50)
Fail Safe & Fail Secure Selectable (6)
Fail Secure (8)
Holding Force
180kg (1)
300kg (7)
450kg (4)
500kg (6)
1000kg (2)
1350kg (1)
2000Kg (1)
IP Rating
IP46 (1)
IP54 (1)
IP55 (2)
IP66 (5)
IP67 (1)
IP68 (2)
Code Length
4 (1)
6 (1)
8 (3)
iButton ROM (1)
iButton RW (1)
Legic (1)
Mifare (31)
Mifare and Hico (1)
Smart Chip (3)
Anti Vandal
Yes (13)
Momentary or Maintained
Maintained (2)
Momentary (14)
1Kb (17)
4Kb (1)
256 Bytes (4)
Connection Type
USB (1)
Input Voltage
12/24v ac/dc (9)
12/24v dc (16)
12v dc (14)
24v dc (4)
85 - 265v ac (5)
90-264v ac @50-60Hz (11)
Output Voltage
12v ac (2)
12v dc (4)
13.8v dc (11)
27.6v dc (4)
Output Amps
1 Amp (8)
2 Amps (3)
3 Amps (4)
5 Amps (3)
Yes (75)
No (5)
Yes (15)
Can Be Fitted
Flush (1)
Mortice (11)
Rim (1)
Rim or Mortice (4)
Surface (22)
Surface or Flush (17)
Large (5)
Medium (5)
Small (5)
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AC Leigh Building

About Access Control

Although we have a separate category for Codelocks here you will find the equipment necessary to to set up more complex access control systems. You will find our Access control entry range which includes control kits, keypads, proximity readers, cards and fobs. We also stock a range of Exit buttons, break glass units, and key switches listed under Buttons and Switches.

So once you have a way for visitors to your building to confirm authorisation (via a code entry, fob or card scan) or signal that the door needs to be opened (ie by pushing a button) you will require an electronic lock to ensure the door opens and stays closed as and when required

AC Leigh Building

For this we have a wide range of electronic locking solutions including magnetic locks, strike releases, locks and solenoid bolts. As you’ll no doubt be aware by now, these product require an electrical supply to function effectively. For this we have a range of 12 or 24 volt power supplies, we also have batteries for access control devices that require them.

To ensure that all the separate components work together, transmitters & receivers are required to allow communication between devices. Last and not least it’s worth remembering that a cable crossing from a wall onto a door can cause wear and tear on the cable. To prevent this we have a range of door loops to protect the wires.


MechLite, an AC Leigh Company

MechLite is now an AC Leigh Company. Same excellent service, Trade Catalogue and Click and Collect at AC Leigh Branches in Ipswich, Colchester and Norwich. All Orders will continue to be delivered as normal.