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Why Use SALTO Access Control?

Why Use SALTO Access Control?

SALTO invented the SVN (salto virtual network) in 2001 and it has revolutionised the access control industry.

With Salto virtual network you can now install access control to any door without the costly wiring for power and network connections, the virtual network is now the user who by opening doors transfers data from lock to lock as they use the building creating an audit trail and deleting cancelled or lost keys.

If you have a conventional metal key system you will understand the problem if a key gets lost or broken, particularly if it’s a Master Key because all locks will need to be replaced to maintain the security of the premises. Salto virtual network allows you to control your own system, you can enrol a new user or replace a lost key within seconds without any need to visit the doors or replace locks saving many hours that will be costly and inconvenient.

SALTO Key Encoder

Automatic lock and unlock times can be programmed for each door on an individual basis making it unnecessary for someone to physically lock or unlock external or internal doors, also each individual user can be programmed to control days and times of access.

Why does your key need to work if you’re not in the building? Increased security against losing keys!

If you have a conventional access control system because of the high cost and wiring problems you probably only have it fitted to the external door or a single internal door, Salto includes a conventional wired reader for external situations but internally a battery operated handle set can be networked at a minimal additional cost.

A Salto system can grow to suit your budget or building programme; you can start with a few handle sets without any software and add additional handles and software over a period of time.

SALTO Desktop Reader

Over 2,000,000 SALTO Locks in Use

Up to 64,000 users and 4 million locks can be included in a single system, but you can start with one!

Salto uses many international proximity formats but in the UK it is the MIFARE as standard which means it can integrate with other software for catering, photocopiers or cashless payment systems.

Over 2,000,000 SALTO locks securing doors throughout the world and over 15,000,000 people using SALTO daily.



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